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  • StratagiesHow to Succeed in an Online Course?

    This tutorial is designed to help you prepare for taking an online course. It will help you improve your online learning strategies and familiarize yourself with the skills to succeed in an online learning environment.

    Upon successful completion of all modules, you will be able to:

    1. Evaluate your readiness to take an online course
    2. Recognize effective learning habits and techniques
    3. Identify basic time management skills
    4. Recall the relationship between course participation and academic success
    5. Recognize the differences between traditional classroom and online courses 

    Developed by:

    Dr. Bruce Tsuji, Department of Psychology
    Haidee Thanda, Educational Development Centre

    Introduction (2:13 minutes)

      Note: these modules are self-guided and no instructional support will be provided. Please contact for technical support.
      • 3. Are You Struggling to Stay Motivated in the Course?

        wind up person

        This module covers topics associated with procrastination and self-regulation. Success in the online learning environment requires students to be self-directed and self-motivated as well as to take the responsibilities to keep up with the coursework.

        Learning outcomes

        • Identify your motivations for taking an online course 
        • Define the relationships between a student's motivation and course outcomes 

          (1:28 minutes)

          Supplementary Readings

          2. Is Your Computer Ready for an Online Course?4. Are You Struggling with Time Management?