4.2 Gyroscope Sensor

This lesson contains how a Gyroscope is used to measure angular acceleration and rotation. Also how these variables are used in various IOT Applications.

MPU6050 and I2Cdev Library Installation: In Arduino > Sketch > Include Library > Add Zip Library > Locate "MPU6050.zip" file. Repeat steps for "I2Cdev.zip". This option will unzip the following library and install it within the Arduino Library folder. 

Teapot Example 

1. Launch Arduino > File > Examples > MPU6050 > Examples > MPU6050_DMP6 (I set this as default but make sure "#define OUTPUT_TEAPOT" is uncommented)

2. Download MPUTeapot.zip and Extract to your desktop. Open the MPUTeapot.pde file in Processing. 

3. Run the Arduino program first before running the Processing application.