Your Style of Teaching

  1. Think about your style of teaching. Explain what teaching practices you may carry over into the online environment and what teaching practices may not be suitable.
  2. Once you have posted to the discussion forum, respond to at least two other participants’ answers.  

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Interactive Presentation 1 Bonnie Kenney
Feedback 1 Bonnie Kenney
Teaching style 0 Bonnie Kenney
Teacher Centred versus Student Centred 0 Joseph Nkomo
Setting expectations 4 Catherine Relouw
Be Ready to Adapt to Needs Presented 2 Catherine Relouw
Engaing learning activities 1 Kira Onysko
Taking a socratic approach 6 Maurine Parzen
Make it Relevant 1 Sarah Stocker
Facilitator 0 Lorraine Nelson
Giving Students Space 0 Nancy Friday