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The built in breadcrumb system makes navigating inside the course much easier than using your browser’s back and forward buttons. You can easily identify where you are and where you have been by looking at the breadcrumbs in the top left corner of your cuLearn session. Simply click on the course code to return to that course’s main cuLearn page.

Navigation Block

Navigation Block

The Navigation block reveals your profile, forum posts, private files and courses. The Navigation menu can be expanded or collapsed using the toggle button on the top right as shown.

Clicking on My private files will take you to a file storage area. Each user is allotted 2GB of file storage space on cuLearn. Assignment files, whether drafts or submitted, do not count towards this storage. You may add private files by clicking on the add button and following the commands that follow on the screen, or you may drag and drop files from your computer into the area shown.

 My private files

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