Technical Requirements

In order to successfully view and participate in this course, you will need the following system requirements:

Flash Player 10 or later (, and one of the following browsers:
    Windows: Internet Explorer 10 and later, Firefox 25 and later, Safari 3 and later, Google Chrome, Opera 9.5 and later
    Mac: Safari 3 and later, Firefox 1.x and later, Google Chrome
    Linux: Firefox 1.x and later

    Google Chrome 14 or later on Windows or Mac
    Safari 5.1 or later on Windows or Mac
    Mobile Safari in Apple iOS 5.0 or later on iPad/iPhone

Apple iOS:     Articulate Mobile Player; Apple iOS 5.0 or later on iPad (please note that cuLearn is not currently optimized for the ipad, so viewing on this platform may require scrolling)

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