• Copyright

    Carleton University is committed to compliance in all copyright matters. Noncompliance is a violation of the Canadian Copyright Act. In addition to any actions that might be taken by any copyright owner or its licensing agent, the University will take steps against any breach of this policy. It is important for students to understand and respect copyright. Students may not distribute copies of works that are under copyright.

    Using Information Technology (IT) Resources at Carleton University

    Carleton University provides IT resources to the campus community, of which eCarleton is an example. The provision of access to these resources requires users to act responsibly to ensure that all IT resources as well as external systems accessed from the Carleton University network, are not abused or used for inappropriate or illegal activities. Theft or misuse of resources, malicious or unethical uses, uses that violates provincial, federal or international laws or statutes, etc. are considered inappropriate use of the Carleton’s computing resources and may result in disciplinary action.

    Carleton University reserves the right to monitor the use of resources provided and/or managed by the University. Offences that are a violation of Carleton University policies, or provincial or federal laws are subject to discipline as appropriate, and may result in the restriction of access to computing and network resources. Offences will be reported to University or law enforcement authorities.

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