Your instructor may or may not use the grade book in eCarleton to display your grades.  Instructors usually indicate how they will present your grades to you.  If you are unsure how you will receive grades, feel free to ask your instructor.

To access grades posted in eCarleton grade book:

  1. Click on the triangle beside Course Administration
  2. Click on Grades.  If your grades have been made available by your instructor, they will be displayed.

Screen capture of the Administration block, with the Grades link in blue

Why Can’t I See My Grades?

If many of your grades are displayed in the gradebook, but a specific grade item is not visible, your instructor may have hidden that grade until all student marks are ready to be released.

Not all instructors choose to use the grade book to display student marks.  If there are no grades at all, your instructor may have chosen a different way to release your grades to you.

Last modified: Thursday, 13 September 2018, 8:57 AM